Ryan Lastinger

2019-2020 Georgia District Governor

A father of two boys, Garrison(10) & Graham(7), Ryan spends time coaching both his sons across a variety of sports.  Garrison was recently inducted into the National Jr. Beta Club while Graham is enjoying playing baseball.  Ryan believes it to be important that he shares his volunteering experiences with his two boys.  One of their favorites serving activities is their time spent ringing the bells with their dad for the Salvation Army during the Christmas season each year.

When serving as President of the Dublin Civitan Club, he received the Civitan Distinguished President award for 2013-14 and the Dublin club was presented with Club of the Year and Club Honor Key.  Ryan has also served as Director on the Dublin Civitan Club board.
  He has held other positions at the Georgia District levels as well, serving two terms as Sergeant-at-Arms for the Georgia District.

Ryan is very active on club projects.  He cooks for the local Special Olympics every year, dresses up as the Easter Bunny for a local Easter egg hunt for students with I/DD and also prepares meals for the faculty & staff of local special education departments annually, before the school year begins.


Ryan also chooses to serve outside of Civitans.  He holds the postion of Finance Chairman of the local chapter for the Salvation Army, resides on the Allocation Committee for local The United Way and currently coaches 5 different teams in 4 different sports.   You can find Ryan at his profession as the Assistant VP for Community Bank of Dublin-Laurens County.  Ryan graduated from the University of Georgia Banking School.